Students at the University of Maine at Farmington has been publishing a regular newspaper since 1931.

The F.S.N.S Mirror

May 1931 to May 1945

The F.S.T.C Mirror

September 1945 to May 1965

The F.S.C Mirror

October 1965 to May 1968

Baked Apple

1971 to 1974

Maine Stream (also titled: Mainestream, UMF Mainestream)

November 1974 to December 2003

No newspaper was published in 2004

Farmington Flyer

September 2005 – Present

Current Farmington Flyer Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Maxen Ryder

Assistant Editors: Alexis Sack, Ashley Ward, and Michael Levesque

Layout Editor: Karly Jacklin

Webmaster: Dusty Stepak