Travel the World at Spring Fling

By Kristen Hill Contributing Writer

During the weekend of this year’s Spring Fling, you can step foot into a new country every night. The theme of this year’s events is “travel the world,” and every event will be themed around a different country. This year’s Spring Fling will be different from years prior and will feature some new events which will take place from April 26 to April 29, 2018.

   Many clubs on campus help fund the weekend of events put on for UMF students. “CRC, APO the theatre fraternity, Deep Treble, Clefnotes, and ACE are some big sponsors of events,” said Kayla Tremblay, who is helping with planning this year. Without the help of these clubs, all expenses would be paid from the Spring Fling fund and events would be limited significantly. The UMF community comes together and helps each other plan an action packed weekend for everyone to be involved in and have fun.

   “The talent show is on Thursday night to kick everything off and its theme is Britain” said Maggie Pomerleau, the Spring Fling chair of Student Senate. The walls of Lincoln Auditorium are often filled will blank stares and long lectures, but on the night of the talent show the room embraces a new energy. The talent show is a familiar event at UMF and gives students a chance to showcase their talents for the rest of their peers. Students from every background put their skills to the test whether it be singing, magic or dancing.

 UMF dances are a chance for students to dress up, de-stress and have fun with their friends while they dance the night away. “I love all of the events but the Dance is definitely my favorite out of all of them,” said Pomerleau. In previous years, students could be seen wearing Hawaiian shirts or galaxy attire, but this year’s theme is Paris and will be semi-formal.

   Another popular event is Rocky Horror, and this year their show is themed around South Korea. This event is interactive and encourages everyone to participate in the story line and to dress up. As you enter the room it will be filled with people dressed in very minimal black clothing just as in the show. Fans who know the storyline yell out quotes from the show and some will interact with the performers.

   “The club fair, which will be Saturday afternoon, is going to now be called the Activity Fair because it’s so much different than the traditional club fairs that we put on,” said Pomerleau. The Activity Fair is still being planned, but Pomerleau stated that “there will be different crafts available and hopefully laser tag happening in the Landing.”

   Open Mic Night, the last event, gives students the chance to join others who have a passion for music and performing and will be themed around Canada. The theme will add even more diversity to the already unique group of musicians. Musicians of different genres can all brave the stage and display the love they have for their art.

   Travel the world from Britain, France, to South Korea, the United Nations and Canada right here at UMF. Experience new parts of the world while you join our events and celebrate the accomplishment of another school year.