Voices on the Green

By Ashley Ward, Contributing Writer.


What do you think UMF can do to be more mindful about its relationship with the land we use and its history with Indigenous tribes?

Grace ‘24: I think that having actual Native Americans that come and speak and give presentations instead of using our white voices to empower them would be better than just speaking for them. I feel like giving indigenous people the voice instead of just speaking for them is something that UMF is not the greatest at doing. I think they just need to include indigenous people instead of talking about them.

Farrah ‘25: Maybe just talk about it more. Like, advertise it more because I don’t really get any ads for anything, so I didn’t know that there were any events going on. And to just be more respectful of the land in general.

Will ‘25: Understand their culture, I guess. Compassion for where the land came from and that they [Indigenous tribes] were the first people here is also important.

Eme ‘24: Reaching out to people who are knowledgeable on the topic could help to get more respect on the land and more recognition that this is not our land.