Found Footage Festival Provides Students a Night Full of Laughter

Found Footage Festival Provides Students a Night Full of Laughter

By Nicole Stewart Staff Reporter

UMF’s Association For Campus Entertainment (ACE) recently featured a Found Footage Festival where students were able to sit down in comfy chairs and watch a collection of videos put together for the comedy show.

   Joe Pickett, one of the men from the Found Footage Festival, was the host for the night, showing a variety of videos made from VHS tapes. The group finds the videos at various thrift stores and com

Students learn about post-graduate employment opportunities at the career fair. (Photo courtesy of UMF)

piles them together to create a comedy show.

   Videos shown at the show ranged from old exercise videos from the 70’s and 80’s to Pickett and partner Nick Prueher going on news shows, impersonating workout instructors and doing wacky antics while the news anchors were unaware of it.

   Students who attended were laughing non-stop, as Pickett added commentary while the videos were playing. Pickett also talked about what the people in the videos are up to now after they recorded and released the video.

   Gabby Crisafulli, the President of ACE, said this was the first time the club has ever hosted an event like this. “We found them in one of our old NACA [National Association for Campus Activities] catalogues,” said Crisafulli. “I found them really interesting, so I decided to some research. I got in contact with their manager and set everything up.”

   Students who attended were able to interact with one of the videos that was shown. “Rent-A-Friend” featured a man named Sam who was interacting with the viewer. In the video, he takes a camera out to take a picture with the person watching, and the crowd, along with Pickett, pretended to pose like they were taking a picture with the man in the clip.

   Kali Hopkins, the treasurer of ACE, said that it was a bit of a process to get the Found Footage Festival to come to UMF. “We started talking to them [Pickett and Prueher], I think before last semester ended. We tend to contact people a couple of months ahead of time.”

   According to Crisafulli, the shows are not always the same for each event. “They’ve done family videos, like past home made videos that they found. Videos that teenagers took of their friends, that kind of thing,” said Crisafulli. “So, it’s a different mixture of all different kinds of videos, but they’re all homemade videos.”

   Those who did not attend the show can still view the videos on Pickett and Prueher’s website which features other videos that were not shown at the festival as well. There is a range of topics in the videos, but some of the content is graphic.

   For more information on upcoming events hosted by ACE, students are encouraged to stop by the ACE Office in the Student Center, or they can attend their meetings on Tuesdays at 6:30PM in Roberts 105.

The Found Footage Festival has also been featured on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Beavers Take the Track

Beavers Take the Track

By Sara Lamb Contributing Writer

The Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams are ready to start their spring season after a slow and snowy start. Senior captain Shane Hathaway is excited to start his last season with the Beavers. Hathaway acknowledged the delayed start, saying it’s “Pretty tough to have a meet with 5 inches of snow still on the track, it was sad to cancel but we would have had to race in our snowshoes.”

   Hathaway has been a key contributor in the Beavers’ past success, having won the 110 meter hurdles during his freshman year. Hathaway is a three time hurdle champion in the North Atlantic Conference (NAC), which is the conference that UMF participates in with all of its athletics. Hathaway is also a two-time New England qualifier for the hurdles.

Captain Shane Hathaway finishes an intense race. (Photo by Jeff Lamb)

“I’d say hurdles is probably my favorite event, it’s something that came naturally when I first started the sport,” Hathaway said.

   Sophomore Throwing captain Jessica Brink is also eager to start the season, saying that the Women’s team “will be strong competitors” in all events, giving Castleton State and Colby-Sawyer a run for their money. Brink is a returning team member but is not as new to the sport.

   “Track [and Field] means a lot to me and has given me many opportunities that I otherwise would not have,” Brink said. “I love to throw and it feels great when you work so hard on your technique and you get a personal record. But I think what feels even better is when you get to share in that experience with you teammates.”

   Senior Sprint captain Kaitlin Virgin is a great team player and can always find the positive in situations. Virgin said in a online interview, “I think our biggest strength as a team is our ability to overcome adversity. Not having an actual track to work out on or not having a lot of space and equipment that a team of our size really needs actually benefits us in a lot of ways.”

   Hathaway believes that the Beavers “have a good shot at winning the NAC this year.” After the Beavers were defeated by Colby-Sawyer by eighty-nine points last spring, winning the NAC would be great for the team.

   Virgin said that the Women’s team “has a lot of talented athletes who work really hard, so a win would be incredible and is very possible.”

   The first meet scheduled earlier in March was canceled due to snow still covering the track. Instead, their season is scheduled to start Saturday, March 31, at Southern New Hampshire University for the Springtime Invitational.

Beavers Warm Up Before Season Starts

Beavers Warm Up Before Season Starts

By Emily Thibodeau Contributing Writer

The UMF softball team recently returned from their spring training trip in Kissimmee, Florida, and played eight games in the surrounding area. Out of the eight games, the team came out with one win.

   Kiana Thompson, UMF Senior Community Health major and minor in Coaching, said, “the

The team played eight games over the course of their trip. (Photo by Makao Thompson)

score didn’t show how well the team played.” The Beavers played other college teams that play year round. “We had plenty of chances to pull through with a win but we fell short,” Thompson said. “Throughout the week, we made huge improvements and minimal errors and that’s what we were looking for.”

   Thompson didn’t take these losses to heart, but appreciated “this experience going down and hitting the dirt before our conference play starts up was so important and beneficial.”   

   Brianna Dugan, a Community Health and Education major, has been playing softball for over 12 years and looks forward to playing for UMF. Dugan said, “I’ve been impressing myself since I haven’t played softball in two years.” Dugan plays right field and said she’s “impressed with the teams dynamic, good connection with the ball.”

   As the Beavers got away from the snow, Dugan said the weather was “always sunny but windy which made for good playing conditions.” The team was ready to be back on dirt as, as Thompson put it.

   “The sun was shining and we weren’t in snow or the gym. Wasn’t the typical warmest Florida weather we were looking for but it was perfect to get outside and play in dirt,” Dugan said. “Considering this was the first time we saw dirt [this year] I think we did decent, and it was relieving, and nice to not be in the cold and snow.”

   Their free time away from the field was spent at the shopping and relaxing. The team was able to spend a lot of time getting to know each other; Thompson said they “did a lot of team bonding which was good because of our team being so young.” The te

The Softball Team hit the beach in between practices in Florida. (Photo by Makao Thompson)

am cooked every meal together at the nine-bedroom house they stayed at.

   Team manager and Early Childhood Special Education major Alyssa Morin assisted the team with bat checks before the game and kept the playbook during the game.

   “The bats used during the games can only be certain ones on an improved list.” Morin said. “I feel good about the upcoming season.”

   The team is looking forward to the upcoming season. “We have a lot of potential and room for growth,” said Dugan. “Since there’s only five returning players and 22 total players on the team, I’m excited to see where this season goes, with all the newbies.”

   “Having Coach Kat come in last season, we made improvements that I haven’t seen in awhile, and with another year under her belt with returners, I am so excited for what our potential is going to be this year,” Thompson said. “Our conference play is going to be tough but I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people because of what we have to show. I’m looking forward spending my last season as a Beaver with this group of girls.”

   The Beavers’s first game was March 23 in Newbury, Massachusetts. You can support them at their first home game on Saturday, April 21, versus Lydon State.

Travel the World at Spring Fling

By Kristen Hill Contributing Writer

During the weekend of this year’s Spring Fling, you can step foot into a new country every night. The theme of this year’s events is “travel the world,” and every event will be themed around a different country. This year’s Spring Fling will be different from years prior and will feature some new events which will take place from April 26 to April 29, 2018.

   Many clubs on campus help fund the weekend of events put on for UMF students. “CRC, APO the theatre fraternity, Deep Treble, Clefnotes, and ACE are some big sponsors of events,” said Kayla Tremblay, who is helping with planning this year. Without the help of these clubs, all expenses would be paid from the Spring Fling fund and events would be limited significantly. The UMF community comes together and helps each other plan an action packed weekend for everyone to be involved in and have fun.

   “The talent show is on Thursday night to kick everything off and its theme is Britain” said Maggie Pomerleau, the Spring Fling chair of Student Senate. The walls of Lincoln Auditorium are often filled will blank stares and long lectures, but on the night of the talent show the room embraces a new energy. The talent show is a familiar event at UMF and gives students a chance to showcase their talents for the rest of their peers. Students from every background put their skills to the test whether it be singing, magic or dancing.

 UMF dances are a chance for students to dress up, de-stress and have fun with their friends while they dance the night away. “I love all of the events but the Dance is definitely my favorite out of all of them,” said Pomerleau. In previous years, students could be seen wearing Hawaiian shirts or galaxy attire, but this year’s theme is Paris and will be semi-formal.

   Another popular event is Rocky Horror, and this year their show is themed around South Korea. This event is interactive and encourages everyone to participate in the story line and to dress up. As you enter the room it will be filled with people dressed in very minimal black clothing just as in the show. Fans who know the storyline yell out quotes from the show and some will interact with the performers.

   “The club fair, which will be Saturday afternoon, is going to now be called the Activity Fair because it’s so much different than the traditional club fairs that we put on,” said Pomerleau. The Activity Fair is still being planned, but Pomerleau stated that “there will be different crafts available and hopefully laser tag happening in the Landing.”

   Open Mic Night, the last event, gives students the chance to join others who have a passion for music and performing and will be themed around Canada. The theme will add even more diversity to the already unique group of musicians. Musicians of different genres can all brave the stage and display the love they have for their art.

   Travel the world from Britain, France, to South Korea, the United Nations and Canada right here at UMF. Experience new parts of the world while you join our events and celebrate the accomplishment of another school year.

UMF InterVarsity Club Serves Baton Rouge

UMF InterVarsity Club Serves Baton Rouge

By Vincent St. Jean, as told to Emily Mokler Contributing Writer and Assistant Editor

 InterVarsity, the on campus Christian fellowship group, volunteered at ServeUp during Spring Break, arriving in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after a 30-hour bus ride. We were just some of the hundreds of college students from around the country to help communities rebuild after extensive flooding back in 2016.

   Our group from UMF were split into two task groups. My group helped rebuild a man’s house. Drywall, putting in new flooring, painting so he can move back in. The water damage was very evident, very significant. You don’t get a sense of what it’s like until you see it in person.

   The other group built a wheelchair ramp for an elderly man who was a recent double amputee. His son had to carry him up and down the stairs for doctors appointments. The people we helped are poor, they lost everything to the floods and they couldn’t afford to replace what they lost.

   One of the guys we worked with named Saul, he lived in a garage. He couldn’t sleep in his

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. (Photo by Vincent St. Jean)

own room because of expansive damage.

   I felt pulled to go to Baton Rouge. I prayed a lot and was strongly pulled to do it, something wanted me to go. I realized that I should do this. There are people who don’t have houses after the flooding. We were there to share Jesus’s love to others, and let it shine through us.

   When we weren’t helping with the construction work, we had a lot of community time. We’d catch up with each other and talk about the day. We had the opportunity to go to New Orleans, wander around the French Quarter. There were Jazz musicians walking around, buildings that had no doors, it’s so different from Maine.

   We got together as a group and read the story Lazarus. We talked about how characters in the story coped with stress and loss. We read the same passage every day and I saw something new each time. We talked about how we cope with loss. It got emotional very fast.

    Before we left, we gave the homeowner a piece of drywall with our signatures on it. When we were leaving, he was waving. He was really shy, didn’t talk to us much, but he opened up to us by the end and was beaming as we left. Genuine happiness.

   We were there during the second week of ServeUp, there’s another group down there now. We didn’t finish the house in the week we were there, but the next group will, and that’s reassuring.

   We were all there for the same purpose, it’s a little sad to leave it. I’ve been adding so many people on Facebook since I got back.

   I want people to know that if you want to volunteer next year, anyone can come along and help.