By Autumn Koors-Foltz, Astrologist and Staff Writer

As winter crystallizes on the horizon, the season of the traveling fire sign Sagittarius is heating up. A mutable sign, Sagitarrians are quick, adaptable, and are the sign of spreading fire. The world has been picking up the pace. Indulge in some adventure and challenge your preconceived limits. Anticipate the full moon on December 18th, which will be in Gemini. It’ll encourage spontaneity within your emotional self, and perhaps feel an intense desire for change. It’s a moment of thinking quick and acting even faster – but stay keen. Venus will be in retrograde beginning on December 19th, which can cause miscommunications in your relationships. Retrograde is an optical illusion where a planet appears to be going backwards, and as this happens for the planet of harmony and love, one should be aware to keep their heart warm this winter season.



Yes, your fire has caused destruction, yes you have burned buildings to the ground. Where do you go from here? Will you tame yourself, or learn to control your fires?



Taurus, in a season of action, don’t become a statue. Find the comfort in change as you rely on old, structured stability.



Your excellent inquisitive mind will take you on great travels, but don’t go cold and shut out the Earth around you. Expose yourself to heat and warmth.



In a season of movement and intellect, you may find that you feel unlistened to, Cancer. Make time for conversation with yourself: nobody can hear you like you will.



You’ve left a flame of memories in other’s minds. Don’t worry about them: continue to burn.



Your intelligence is not a competition and it is not a debate. Making comparisons to others will only isolate you.



It’s time for an adventure, Libra. Feel the wind behind you, daring you to try something completely unknown. There is romance in newness.



Vulnerability is a practice, and lately, you may find that all you’re doing is striking out. Brave your heart in the tricky speed of the fiery season, and don’t forget the beauty of connection.



What is the greatest journey you can dare yourself to go on, Sagittarius? Now: challenge yourself to bring somebody with you. Don’t go alone.



Capricorn, you’re the undiscovered genius of the room. Don’t be so modest: recognize and affirm your strengths. Others will follow suit.



Do you feel like the world is falling apart? You may want to escape it all. But commit to something that drives you, and use every last winded bit of your passion.



Perhaps, others aren’t being insensitive to you, they’re just moving too quickly to see your needs. How can you advocate for yourself?