The Flavors of Farmington

The Flavors of Farmington

Ripley Biggs, Contributing Writer

    Whether you want food that is close to home or you have a more global pallet, Farmington is the place to be. With roughly 30 restaurants in the area, ranging from fast food to fancy, homemade to chain food, and local to global, there really is something for everybody. 

    “There is a pretty good variety in terms of ethnic food,” said junior Jacob Bishopp. Of the roughly 30 restaurants in Farmington, around 13 of those are within walking distance of campus, which for many college students can be a lifesaver if they do not have access to a car. 

     “The places to eat are all fairly close to campus, which is both smart and nice. Smart because tired college students can easily get to them and nice for said, tired students,” said recent UMF graduate Caitlin Hession. 

    For some students, the food right around campus is not exactly what they are craving.

The Mantor Library Cafe is a great spot to grab a quick cup of coffee and to study (Photo courtesy of UMF).

That’s where delivery comes into play. Students can use the downtown delivery app to get food right to their doorstep. 

    Word began to spread that Pizza Hut now delivers, and students were thrilled. “Pizza Hut is great for broke college students and it’s nice they finally deliver,” said fifth-year student Rowan Burns. 

    One thing that is very near and dear to most college students is coffee and with the many different options, each student is bound to find their favorite spot to get a cup of that delicious brown bean juice. Some students find Dunkin Donuts to be a nice, quiet place to study. Others may like what Mantor Cafe has to offer. On snow days, some even make the pilgrimage to Java Joe’s.

    One thing that students miss the most when they come to college is a good, old-fashioned home-cooked meal, but once they get to campus they discover that they may be able to fill that need easier than they thought they would. With restaurants like Soup For You and The Downtown Press students can feel right at home with friendly atmospheres and even friendlier staff. There are plenty of healthy alternatives for those that want to focus on nutrition like Determined Nutrition. 

    With all of the restaurants in town, some students wish there were some more affordable options “The food is good but most of it is quite pricey for broke college students,” said Burns. “Especially if you get food delivered,” added Hession. One thing that students wish that they could have to make dining downtown even better would be student discounts.