Farmington Outing Club Planning New Trips and Reaching Out

By Journey Bubar Contributing Writer

The Farmington Outing Club’s President Isaac Seigle and Vice President Kyle Joseph both agree that FOC is a great place to have fun with friends while enjoying the outdoors.

   “A lot of people don’t really get outside anymore,” added Joseph. “Growing up, all we were was outside, and now everyone’s got screens.”

   FOC does all kinds of activities from skiing to rock climbing to hiking. “It’s mostly just about getting people engaged in the outdoors,” explained Seigle.

   Both Seigle and Joseph are Outdoor Recreation Business Administration majors with certificates in Alpine Operations. They’re also involved with Mainely Outdoors activities, as well as regular skiers and teachers at Titcomb Mountain.   

   Seigle mentioned that people who are uncomfortable or not as familiar with the outdoors can join FOC and be surrounded by people that are. It can make the overall experience more enjoyable. “Sharing what we like to do with other people,” said Joseph.

   As a club, all of the members are friends and like to go skiing and hiking as a group outside of FOC events. “You can be like ‘Hey I’m gonna go do this thing’ and people can come with you,” said Seigle. “So I guess a lot of stuff that we do isn’t necessarily like through the University, but we use our club time together through the week to plan activities.”

   FOC likes to take at least one big trip a semester. Last year they went Nordic skiing at Maine Huts & Trails. They rented a lodge and some cabins for 40 people for a weekend trip. “That was what we spent most of our budget on,” Joseph added.

   Seigle said that this year is a building year for FOC and they are in the process of meeting with Student Senate to create a new budget. They do a lot of fundraising and bottle drives to earn most of the money for their trips.

   “A lot of us have decent connections with people in the outdoor recreation industry, so sometimes we can get a lot of discounts and stuff or make things happen for cheaper than they would if you were to buy it yourself,” Seigle explained.

   Some of FOC’s big attraction events are “Party in the Park” and ski trips. “Winter’s our busiest season,” said Seigle.  “We do a lot of stuff like every weekend.”

   “Party in the Park” is a collaboration between Titcomb mountain, a local high school ski club and FOC. The groups work together to build park rails and jumps for freestyle skiing in the spring, and provide music and food as well. “It’s a really good event, usually 70 people show up. It raised like $1000 for Titcomb,” Seigle said.

   Joseph and Seigle both said that the Poplar Falls trip they did last year was one of their favorites and they want to do it again this spring. “We have plenty of ideas for trips,” said Joseph. FOC also tries to do other types of activities like white water rafting, biking, and boating.

   “We need people to show up, that’s what gets the club going,” said Joseph. “If you have a good experience with us, share it. Spread the name, spread the word.”

   “Spread the vibe,” Seigle added. “Peace, love, positivity,” Joseph concluded.