Farmington Recreational Department Brings Futsal to Farmington Residents

By Emilee Eustis Contributing Writer

With the popularity of its futsal program last year, Jaycee Jenckes, the Assistant Director of the Farmington Recreation Center, is hoping to see a similar turnout for the 2018 spring season.

    “Futsal is a modified form of soccer that’s played indoors,” said Jenckes. “We borrow rules from both professional futsal leagues, and indoor soccer leagues to best fit with our facility.”

   The Rec. Department prepares for the futsal season by keeping the floor in good condition and properly staffing enough referees to keep the games under control and keep track of the score. The Rec. Department also provides all the necessary equipment like balls, pennies, and goals, so all players need to bring is shoes.

   “We have college students, UMF faculty, [community members], Mt. Blue school teachers and parents, and even a few out of town folks who all just love to come together and play a little competitive soccer,” said Jenckes.

   Anyone 18 years and older are allowed to register, and the mix of UMF students, faculty, alumni, and community members helps to intensify the levels of the game. The teams play for a championship at the end of the season.

   “The winners of the league get individual jerseys however they want to have them designed and also get their names on our Futsal Trophy so we budget to be able to buy those prizes for people.” Jenckes said.

   Seeing members of the community come together and enjoy themselves for one night is one of the highlights of their program. Since many of the programs put on by the Rec. Department are centered around children, this program is very important to them. This is one of their few that programs that supports the adult community, and their health and activities. Futsal games take place on Friday nights and each game is 40 minutes long, split into two 20 minutes halves.

   The futsal program will continue to evolve, as the Rec. Department has added a Fall season as well. The Rec. Department has other programs such as Pickleball and rock climbing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

   For further information, anyone can stop by the Community Center located at 127 Middle St., or they can call the Rec. Center at 207-778-3464. They also post updates and flyers about all of their programs on their Facebook page, at