UMF Students Fight September Heatwave

By Cheyenne Judkins – Contributing Writer

The recent unexpected high temperatures affecting Farmington have forced students to find methods to stay cool.

Marissa Chamberlain, a junior Elementary Education major, said, “I think it’s crazy how hot it’s been. I don’t remember it being this hot all summer, so it’s weird to be worrying about heat at the end of September.”

Although residence halls on campus aren’t equipped with AC units, students have found a variety of ways to stay cool. Danielle Cote, a senior Community Health major, said she constantly has a fan on in her room and goes to Giffords for ice cream and Dunkin for iced coffee regularly to fight the heat.

“It’s like a five minute walk from campus to Heaven,” said Cote about Giffords. “Not to mention there’s a student discount I just found out about and I’m a senior!” She described the heat as “crazy annoying” and said she’s dying for the cold weather.

“This heat makes me want to go grocery shopping just to hang out in the freezer section!” Cote said.

While Cote says ice cream is a great method to fight the heat, Joe Brichetto, a senior Secondary Education major and the Student Senate President, stated that the best method he’s found is eating frozen yogurt. He also believes the Sandy River is a relaxing place to go to cool off and dip his feet in the water.

Brichetto described the Sandy as “ another beautiful hangout spot that accentuates Farmingtons focus on incorporating the joys of nature into our campus life.” Brichetto said he doesn’t go to the river often, but when he does he usually throws a disk around and said, “it usually ends with me cursing about it being 90 degrees in September.”

Chamberlain also spoke about the river and agreed it was a great place to relax. “If it’s really hot, my first thought is to go to the Sandy,” Chamberlain said. “My friends and I like to listen to music, lay out and swim. It feels good to just relax and not think about school.”

Although Chamberlain, as well as many other students, have expressed concern about the heat and having to leave their fans on 24/7, Chamberlain still seems to prefer the heat over the weather she knows is just around the corner.

“I’ll take it over snow,” she said of the nearly 90 degree weather.

As long as temperatures are high, UMF students will continue to be found at the Sandy River until dark. “It’s nice by the river even in the fall,” said Cote. “It’s a good place to go for walks in the evenings after class.”