Horoscopes – October 8th, 2021

By: Autumn Koors Foltz, Staff Writer and Astrologer.

In the midst of Mercury retrograde, take a moment to evaluate your surroundings. Mercury is the planet of communication. Particularly in Libra season, where sociality and love is at a focal point, it can be validating to consider if the way you express yourself to those closest to you is translating. Have open, honest discussions with your loved ones to decipher the best ways to communicate your love for each other. Do you gravitate towards physical affection? Going on trips? Long talks at midnight? Though one typically thinks of how love is expressed in terms of romantic relationships, the communication of your bond is just as essential in friendships. With the moon entering Scorpio until October 10th, give in to the intensity of your emotions. Quickly following will be a moon in Sagittarius, which is best utilized as a time to act on all that you’ve reflected on. The fiery, traveling energy of Sagittarius invites you to do so. Do not use Mercury retrograde, the optical illusion of reverse moment, as a reason to stall your own progress. The stars are waiting.



Leave it alone, Aries. The more you readdress a previous issue, the more you risk your flames turning everything into char. Give the issue space, and air, before returning.



With the moon entering your polar sign, sister Scorpio, use this as an opportunity to connect with all traits you consider your opposite. They belong within you.



Oh, social Gemini. Your intellect is not failing. Reassess your relationships and remember that not everything within them is your sole responsibility. Offer yourself repose.



Your raw emotions are beautiful, Cancer, but beware your own flood.



Share yourself deeply – go lower than what you know, hotter than what you imagine. Let the air of the Libra season fuel your fire with oxygen and imagine what it would feel like to keep others warm.



Though others may call you critical, Virgo, don’t let your keen ability for analysis pass you. Allow yourself to be caught in the levity of the season and bring a breath of air to your findings.



Libra, remember. Though you’re known for being the sign of balance, remember that your quest isn’t to keep balance: it is to find it. Don’t rush yourself in this journey.



It’s getting colder, Scorpio. Do you feel yourself freezing? Do everything in your power to not let that be so: if the water of your sign changes to ice, you’ll lose your ability to flow.



Sagittarius, your moon is coming. Follow your deepest impulses, but don’t do it alone.



Capricorn, don’t view your friendships as work. Though they require diligence and practice, avoid the habit of treating them mundane. There is nothing usual in your connections: embrace this.



There’s no need to be in opposition to quite everything. Though challenging the norms can be productive, consider what lies beyond the simple contrarian.



Pisces, don’t grow cruel beneath the moon. Let yourself soften. Let compassion flood you.