Devin Lachapelle – Contributing Writer

With the fall semester now underway at UMF, returning upperclassmen are eager to see new students get involved with some of the many clubs on campus.

Kelsey Rohman, a junior with a psychology major and a minor in rehabilitation services, said, “We’re all friendly here,” and that “the goal of clubs is to not exclude people [but] to welcome people.”

Rohman, who is the treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta and the Tennis Club, stressed that “Building connections with students is a must.”

Rohman mentioned that it’s a good idea to try out a few different clubs. “Sign up for a few clubs you’re interested in, get emails, test the waters by going to a few meetings to see what suits your fancy,” she said.

Brennah O’Connell, a senior Biology major, has been involved with clubs since her first semester at UMF and is part of both the Tennis Club and Active Minds.

O’Connell, also in her third year as a Community Assistant (CA), said, “especially for [students] that are new to campus, they might not know about all of the options available to them.” She added that “it’s important to let them know about how many different clubs there are or that they can make a new one. Students have a better college retention rate if they get involved.”

O’Connell emphasized that clubs are always open to new members, regardless of experience. “Some clubs, like the Tennis Club, let you show up for practice without having any experience,” she said.

O’Connell stated that while it is a good idea to branch out, it is important to not overextend. “Don’t stretch yourself too thin, but I think if you’re more involved you’re going to enjoy your college experience more,” she said. “It gets you outside of your comfort zone in a good way.”

Colin Bradford, a first-year Secondary Education student with a Science Concentration, said that he was looking forward to joining a few clubs.

“I signed up for the [WUMF] Radio Club, the College Democrats, and the Otaku Club.”

Bradford also said that he was looking forward to organizing his own club. “I’m planning to start a rock ensemble club, there are a capella groups but no band groups,” he said.

Sylvie Fenderson, an undeclared first-year, was impressed by the sheer number of clubs available to join. “I think it’s neat that there are so many,” she said.

Those looking to connect with other students on campus can find a full list of clubs at