By Kaitlyn York Contributing Writer

UMF’s Student Life Directors and Narrow Gauge Cinemas are working together to host Dollar Movie Nights for UMF students again for the 2018-2019 academic year.

  “I try to go every single month, because like I go to the movies a lot. It’s something fun to do and it’s only $1 so might as well go!” said Tania Bureau, at sophomore at UMF.

   “It’s awesome, basically, I think it’s a really good opportunity,” said Bureau. “Once school kinda gets in gear where everyone’s busy it slows down so it’s not as busy as everyone thinks it is.”

     Dollar Movie Night is typically hosted once a month at Narrow Gauge Cinemas. On a selected night each month, movies that are shown after 9 p.m. are offered to UMF students at the price of $1. Students must have their student I.D. to be eligible for this deal.

  Journey Bubar, an employee in the student life office, is in charge of advertising events. “There is Beaver Buck Movie Night a week from today, Wednesday the 26th,” she said. Beaver Buck Movie Night differs from Dollar Movie Night. Beaver Buck Movie night is put on by ACE while Dollar Movie Night is put on each month by another sponsor. The same rules apply to both and they are both held at Narrow Gauge Cinemas.

  There has been one Dollar Movie Night hosted so far this year during orientation weekend and another is scheduled for September 30th, the Sunday during the family, friends, and alumni fall festival. This is an untraditional Dollar Movie Night as it is a matinee. The movies that are eligible for the price of $1 will be hosted during the afternoon.

 “I think that it is a great way to get students involved in something other than hanging out in their rooms. It’s a good way to make some new friends, and to find new movies that you like,” said Emma Casey, a UMF freshman.

       Bureau said that the dates of Dollar Movie Nights are posted on the big calendar on the bulletin board in the Olsen Student Center. Students can also find the dates listed on the slideshows on the televisions throughout the student center or on the homepage of myCampus on the upper right side. The calendar on myCampus is fully detailed and can be narrowed down to specific dates and times of events.

   Anyone interested in what movies are playing can find the schedule online at They update their schedule weekly of the movies that they are showing and at what time. UMF students do not only get a discount on movie tickets during Dollar Movie Night specials, but during the academic year movie tickets are offered at a discounted price of $3.