By Nathan McIvor  Contributing Writer

   Purington residents had the option of delicately painting their flower pots or squirting globs of glitter on them at an evening event hosted by CAs in the Purington Hall lounge. Starting at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29th, the hands on arts and crafts project was set up by CA Mia Emory, who supervised the event. Students decorated the miniature pots about an inch tall to use as dorm decorations.

   Though diminutive, their small size ensures that the pots are easy to store in a dorm, making them a colorful object to place on a window sill or a shelf.  Trouble arose during painting; the pots came with labels pasted onto their surface, requiring long fingernails to scrape off.

   Those with long fingernails  had an advantage with the task. However, a fellow painter said to “just get the label wet first with your brush,” which caused it to melt off like butter.

   Residents clustered around two long tables, one for painting, the other for glitter glue, to work on their pot. The two tables were not necessarily exclusive: “Glitter really makes the colors pop,” said one painter, who switched from paint to glitter, hoping the latter would add more flair.  

   After drying their pot on a paper plate, the would-be artists brought their plants to another table to stuff them with dirt and plant a seed of their choosing.  

   Some overheard chatter from the seeding table:

   “Green beans aren’t flowers, but they’re still cute!”

   “Ohh… marigolds.”

   “I really don’t care, but growing beans seems to be more practical.  I guess I’ve made up my mind then!”

   Attendees had their names put in a raffle for prize that while unknown “is very cool” according to the CAs, who spoke in tones suggesting the matter should not be pressed.  

   Emory was glad the event had a large turnout, as that bodes well for future programs. Though she has not yet decided what those will be, Emory seemed assured due to the success of her first program.  The thirty-odd attendees seemed very pleased.