Holiday Spending

    Sticking to a budget and finding a little extra money for gifts makes holiday spending a struggle. As with any type of budget, set aside a selected amount of money and try not to overspend.

    There are a few ways you can save a few bucks before the holiday spending is in full force. Start with small tasks like collecting all the empty bottles in your room, or even from your friends, and bringing them to the bottle redemption center. Not only will you earn a few dollars but your room or apartment will be a lot cleaner, leaving more room for festive activities like Christmas trees and that heaping pile of presents you can now afford because of the extra money you earned for yourself.

    In the weeks leading up to the big holiday spending, set aside your spare change and bills each week in an envelope or jar and it will add up surprisingly fast. Cashback apps like iBotta, Checkout 51 and Dosh to name a few, allow you to scan your receipt after any purchase and get cashback on applicable items. This is especially handy on receipts from grocery shopping which generally have a lot of items on the receipt.

    Black Friday and holiday spending can cost a lot of money, so be conscious and don’t spend more than you can afford!

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