By Natausha Cogley Contributing Writer

     Theo Griffin, an Early Childhood Education major, made the 27-hour drive from Colorado to UMF just to be stuck in her dorm room for 10 hours without any contact or food. 

    Upon arriving Griffin knew she had to be tested for COVID-19 and quarantine for two-three days. Only a day into quarantine, Griffin’s roommate moved out. 

     “I was left without a roommate, so I had to quarantine the rest of the time by myself,” Griffin said, “which was so extremely boring.” After Griffin’s roommate left, she had no in-person communication for 24 hours.

     On Friday, August 21, Griffin realized that people were outside: she could hear voices in the halls. “I hadn’t been notified about anything. I had no idea that anything was happening. But I kept hearing people,” Griffin said, “There were a ton of people walking down the hallway and when I looked outside my window I realized there were people out there.”

     When Griffin sent an email hoping to figure out what was going on, she was told that her test results had been lost. She would have to be tested and quarantined again. 

    Luckily, her test results were found, yet Griffin was not released from her room until Saturday, August 22.

     “I hadn’t eaten anything since dinner on Friday, I went out Saturday morning to go grab food from where it usually was,” Griffin said, “but there was no food, they had forgotten about me. I was the only one still in quarantine.”

     Luckily, Griffin had snacks she brought into her room. It took until 3 p.m. for her to be notified that she was all clear and able to leave her room.