Taking a look back at the past 90 years of our campus newspaper and highlighting noteworthy items that perhaps were best forgotten.


A scan of an article from the 1970s praising keg parties that happened in Stone and Scott Halls

Photo courtesy of Flyer Archives

Back in the 70s, our campus newspaper was known as the Baked Apple. Why, you ask? I do not know.

However, the Baked Apple was a weekly publication which included letters to the editor submitted by students.

In Sept. 1972, a student by the name of Don Gobeil wrote to the newspaper expressing his enthusiasm for a pair of keg parties which recently took place on campus at Scott Hall and Stone Hall.

Now, Scott I can understand, but Stone? My, how things have changed.

Anyways, enjoy Don’s short, but to-the-point letter. I assume we can attribute his spelling and punctuation errors to the fact that he was likely still recovering from the parties.


P.S. I don’t think your CAs would appreciate anything similar taking place now, especially this semester. Yes, I’m talking to you, Scott Hall residents.