Taking a look back at the past 90 years of our campus newspaper and highlighting noteworthy items that perhaps were best forgotten.


I think many of you will find this comic published in the Mirror in the fall of 1970 very relatable. Comic from the Mirror, 1970

It’s 11:35 and you just got out of a boring lecture. You join the quickly lengthening line to get into the dining hall. After waiting for what seems like forever, it’s finally your turn to say good morning (again) to Eloise and swipe your card. Suddenly you realize you can’t find that card and remember that you left it back in your dorm.

You then take the walk of shame away from the lunch line and back to your dorm, which you can’t get into because you don’t have your ID. Then starts the process of calling friends to let you in, or trying to sneak in behind someone else entering the building (and try not to look too suspicious). Hopefully by the time you finally get your ID, you still have enough time to eat before your next obligation.

We’ve all been there and, if you somehow haven’t been, I assure you that you soon will be.